Jewellery Care

When you are not wearing your jewellery, it is best to keep it in a closed box, away from sunlight and air.

Protect the plating of your jewellery by removing it when washing your hands, swimming, exercising, cleaning and before applying any kind of personal body product. Maintain your jewelry’s shine by avoiding contact with agents such as soaps, perfume, lotion, makeup, hair & cleaning products, etc. Please store your jewellery in the Spark by PK pouch which you have received.
Jewellery boxes are the best, so you can store all your jewellery in one place, but separate them inside the box. This way they are carefully protected and you’re making sure your jewellery will remain beautiful!

It is also a good idea to add a small silica gel pouch inside your jewellery box, it helps to absorb moisture from surrounding environment. Change it for a new one every couple of months.

Don’t wear your Spark by PK item when:

  • you’re sleeping
  • you’re working out
  • you’re going to a (hair)salon
  • you’re swimming
  • you’re taking a shower / bath
  • you’re sun ‘tanning’ or go out in direct heat or hard sunlight, because this might tarnish your jewellery or fade gemstones.

Please note:
Spark by PK cannot guarantee that the gold-plating products will last forever. Gold-plated items are, by their nature, more fragile and susceptible to lose colour over time. The speed at which this colour fades will depend on various factors, such as the use of chemical products on the skin, how much the wearer sweats, or even the PH level of the individual’s skin. For this reason, it is particularly important to ensure suitable care of your gold-plated jewellery.

Nature of gemstone
Our earrings are made of  natural semi – precious gemstones therefore  the complexion of the stone may differ slightly to the pictures since each gemstone is unique in terms of colour, shape, structure, and roughness.